Hi, the service was good. I've been here before for the buffet and it was a nice experience but when I ordered this food, for some reason the dumplings (first time I got them from this restaurant) they made me very sick, I felt nauseated but couldn't; maybe it was the sauce that was in the plastic container. I don't know what it was, but yeah it didn't sit well in my stomach and idk if I'll be having this again because man that was a rough evening.
The food was ok. I can't say it was anything really special, but it was fine. I had the shredded spicy chicken with vegetables. There was too much rice for the amount of chicken dish. The egg roll was really small. The soup choices available for the lunch specials were sweet & sour and creamy corn, which was ok. I wanted won ton, and was told that was not an option for the lunch special. I ordered the meal online and I received a call from the restaurant to confirm my order and to clarify my instructions, plus verify the time I would be picking my order up. I thought that was good. My lunch was ready when I arrived at the restaurant and I was given a coupon for a discount on their lunch buffet. It was a filling lunch and I will probably return to try a different dish and possibly return to try the buffet, even though I am not usually a fan of buffets, but it would give me a chance to try a variety of dishes and discover what dishes I might like to order from the lunch menu in the future.
Very bland
Any questions please call us.